Bruce Wilson is a keen amateur photographer with a special interest in landscape and travel photography. He has always had a desire to be creative, but realises that his ambitions in terms of art, drawing and painting are completely out of line with his capabilities. He subsequently found enjoyment in photography. This allows him to use his camera as a creative device and combines this with his interest in technology, using his computer as a ‘dark room’. Most of the photos in these albums were taken during Bruce’s extensive travels to many parts of the world. Whilst this site provides the illustrations, the stories behind these pictures can be found on Bruce’s travel blog website. Click here to visit theĀ Wilson Family Website. Bruce’s early digital photography was undertaken with simple ‘Point & Shoot’ cameras including a Canon Ixus and Sony P series cameras. A number of these cameras were ruined (and later replaced) by getting wet on Bruce’s hiking / bushwalking trips to various remote areas. Bruce then moved on to Panasonic FZ 5 & 7 models and now photographs with a much more sophisticated Pentax DSLR. Please contact Bruce for any requests or information about the photos on this web site. Here are our some of our most recent photos